I Started Loving Being Nude At The Age Of 4.

When I was four I was told I had to shower with my brother to save hot water. I was uncomfortable at first about being nude in the tub with a relative, but I agreed to it. My mother ran the bath while she told us to go to our bedroom (Which we shared) and get undressed. We were both down to our underwear and worried about exposing ourselves. But, as kids, off came the underpants and we headed back to the bathroom and jumped in. After being washed, mum said we could stay in there for another few minutes, and me and my brother stared at each other's boyhood, no homo, just inquisitive.

Ever since then, I loved being naked whenever I could. I once even threw all of my clothes in the bin so I HAD to go everywhere naked. In public, in shopping malls, even in school my body was exposed to all. I ran around naked, ate naked, played naked and slept naked, along with my brother who was in the same boat as me.

Then my cousin, who was the same age as me, came to visit. I ran downstairs butt naked to greet her, and she laid her eyes on my boyhood. We went upstairs and when up there she got her clothes off too. Neither of us were uncomfortable and we loved every moment of the freedom of being unclothed.
VenomBite3599 VenomBite3599
22-25, M
Sep 26, 2013