Started Nudism At Age 13

I am a nudist female of 24 years. I started going nude at age 13 with my family. I converted my high school boyfriend and sweetheart now husband into the nudism lifestyle. I invited him to dinner one hot summer Saturday evening. When he arrived at my home he got the shock of his life when my mother opened the front and was totally nude. He gasped and she thought he was going to have a heart attack staring at my mother's hot busty, shaved, and tanned body. Within a minute or two, I arrived at the front door. Again, Larry was still in awe looking and studying my busty and shaved body. Mom and I both invited him in. He was very much in favor of my nudist family members. I have 17siblings; 9 sisters and 8 brothers. I asked him if he wanted to get nude and join us. He did not need a second invitation because he was already removing his shorts and open collar shirt as I was speaking to him.

My dad was grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on the patio grill. Also, mom made potato salad, vegetables, dessert, and iced tea. Everyone grabbed a seat at the four picnic tables in our backyard. Larry and I were sitting next to each other and holding hands under the table cloth. Thank God I am right handed and Larry is left handed because we would have never made it trying to eat and holding hands together if we were both right handed or left handed.

We dated all through high school and college years. Five years later, after graduating from a local two year college, we got married in a double ring nudist wedding ceremony. The wedding was held at my parents country home. The entire wedding party was nude; even our daughter flower girl and our son ring bearer. Before getting married, I had delivered four darling children. Most of the invited guests came nude as well, whether they were a nudist or not. Only a few came dressed.

I am a nudist wife and mom now of nine beautiful children five boys and four girls. I first got pregnant at age 16 and had my son that same year. I am pregnant again now and expecting another set of twins on December 23rd. We are raising our children in the nudist tradition and lifestyle. None of us in our families are ashamed of our bodies. We all feel that the nudism lifestyle is wholesome, healthy, and a great way to express ourselves within the family and with our friends. We are a very open and close family as well as our parents, siblings, and other relatives are. I plan to stay barefoot and pregnant for years to come. I am teaching my children to do the same. We practice unprotected, bareback, risky, or pregnancy sex. We are all practicing Catholics here and do not use any birth control devices what so ever when having sex together. I hope to have as many children as my mother did or even more. My mother was 49 when she gave birth to her last child. I hope to be pregnant that long as well. Every family member within both sides of our families have enormous size families. Almost all of the family daughters and sons have double digit children.

Yes, for your information, all the children are well taken care of because we are all professionally employed in some form or another. You do not need to worry about our individual family finances.
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Are all of your children by the same father, or do you share with other family members. Does your first make love with you?

thanks for sharing some of ur sincere pride and enthusiasm around ur obviously successful open naked family lifestyle, and i sincerely wish you all only the best....

I just love you all and your great lifestyle!

and i thought i had a big family with 9 siblings

Loved your story, I'm a practicing nudist l*sbian. Oh, and Catholic, too. ;),

A wonderful, sweet story!

Very well expressed!

I think that it is nice that you and your family
members enjoy being nude together!

You all have a healthy, positive attitude about

No body in my family is into nudism.

Maybe, after my two nieces turn 18 and leave home,
they will be nudists, and have & raise nudist families!

I would happily accept an invitation to join them!

Fascinating story. Congratulations on choosing a boy so wisely. I cannot help but ask, since you mention "risky sex" if you have sex with others as well. I think of that as a good thing, as you would find in my other stories and comments.

no I do not.