Start Of Being Nude And Bi

i was about 11 or 12 and my mum had been in hospital. I was staying with my cousins nearby till she came right. We started playing a game of writing on each others backs with a finger and trying to figure out the words. This was fun of course and we were wearing less and less clothes. Then my cousin found his dads Playboy collection and we thought the women were the most beautiful girls we had ever seen! And they were all naked! So we figured it must be ok to not wear clothes and we started going nude too. I guess we must have got erections looking at the girls in the magazines too, cos I remember both my cousins watching me ********** my ****! Being watched wanking and having sex is something I still enjoy very much even now.
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Mmm, a stack of Playboys. Just not the same with internet ****.

Thanks for sharing - I love being seen naked and sometimes erect. I often **** for my lover - though would love to find a group of women I could ***** and ********** for

Thank you for sharing. I would love to hear about some more experiences

I was quite happy going nude in private through my teen years, then once left home I was finally brave enough to go to the nude beach for the first time. I was SOO nervous. Managed to find a quiet spot in the dunes and braced myself and took my pants off! Wow what a feeling! So free and liberating! been going when I can ever since.