I Can't Remember When I Didn't!

My mother always told me off for not being dressed when it was time to ho to church. She was fierce towards me for not showing more interest in 'Holy Mother Church'.

I was always looking for more. The Labyrinth. The ethics of the Buddha are the means by which you can find fulfilment in the answers to every question you may ask. The questions are the Labyrinth.

I began my journey through the maze when my mother was insisting I went to take my first communion, to be confirmed a Catholic, aged eleven. It has been a journey so far of ten years.

I am at peace when naked about my meditations and ablutions.
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4 Responses Nov 18, 2013

Catholicism has so much to answer for! Its methods of trying to force its principles on to the masses are so archaic. But, I guess, that probably goes for the majority of religions as well!

"Putting clothes on the natives" has been SOP for Christians since they invaded Europe. Monotheist are always just up tight about anyone enjoying life.

I grew up in a clothing opp home, from toddlers on my parents really didn't really care if my sister and I wore clothing or not. During summer months around the house and back yard is was mostly not.

My parents were not practicing nudist but nudity was not a issue. My mom like to be topless, my dad liked to sit on the patio naked Sunday morning with his coffee and paper, and family skinny dipping was common.

I still enjoy being naked as much as I can. It would be nice is the US. was alittle less uptite about nudity.

The fundamentalist religions, like Catholicism are sooo backward about stuff like nudity. I'm glad you weren't trapped

Good that you got away from mother's demands. Being comfortable with our bodies is non-Christian. Life is much better when enjoyed than when suffered.