How Young?

While I can't say I started as young as the founder, I did become a nudist at fourteen, which is a lot younger than most of the nudists I've spoken to started.

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sounds like fun - well done you. I too started young

I grew up in a clothing opp home and was allowed to be naked from a toddler on. I had no idea what a nudist was untill I started school and had to wear clothes. Other than going out with our parents my sister and I were naked around home most of the time.

I more understand the confidence and commitment. Although, the confidence may also come from being a very bright and articulate person.

I was 14 when i started going nude... I would try go nude anytime i could find the free time. It was very differicult to find friends to join me being nude... Also i was to young to go to nudist resorts, and to far from a beach. I didn't come full nudist until i was 21 when i move out and got my own place where i could be nude anytime i wanted.. i remain a nudist at home for 20 years since then..

I think most of us had nudist leanings by then.... it's hard to exercise them until you grow up...

Funny I was only a nudist as a kid when friends were around, some thought it cool and wanted to join the fun, other got weirded out. weirded out -- scared; good way to put it

13 for me, although my brothers and I did run around a bit with no clothes when I was little.

Better late than never.

I think I started running nude in the woods around my house around 13-14.

my parents never could keep clothes on me ..... i even peeled off diapers .... i always went naked............... add me to friends please

typical of little boys I babysat....

Apparently I was born this way. I remember my mom saying that when I was a tot they could keep never clothes on me. Mom only gave me one spanking in my live, I was either 4 or 5 and running around the front yard naked. Guess it was a constant thing and she thought a spanking would teach me a lesson. Naw. Fifty five years later, I am still naked.

When I was four or five, I tore out the front door down the street naked after my bath..... I think catching me took half the neighborhood -- and it was the most fun any of them ever had!!! My brother still reminds me of it often at holidays, when his kids are around!

I have you beat by a year, I started at 13

Good for you! At age 44, I will be one of the "later in life"<br />
nudists; I will still enjoy it, though!