Young and Naked

We all grew up in the back woods of Arkanas and mom saw no reason for us to have to wear clothing during the warm months.  It was quite wonderful spending the whole summer completely naked outside.

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I believe this is how God meant for us to live when the weather permits. I see a society that makes the body SHAMEFUL as an evil society. Why does anyone feel it is good to feel shame?

Agreed! Most churches seem to conveniently forget exactly how we came to be ashamed of our nudity originally. Adam and Eve were nude and were not ashamed, after they sinned ONLY then did they become ashamed. So being Shy and ashamed of our naked bodies as God created them is actually a result of their original sin.

Summer is for going naked. Take your clothes off and enjoy going naked.

what a great way to live

You had a wonderful youth. Very rare indeed. Most lucky. My youth experience at nudity was very limited in comparison.

Sounds like a fun, relaxing, inexpensive way to spend time!

That is exactly why we moved out of the city and way out into the country. We work from home now and never bother to wear clothing and it is quite nice indeed. It is nice to wake in the morning, have a cup of coffee, shower outside when it is warm and spend the day completely naked. No clothes, no laundry, far less bills.

I still do this in the Backwoods of Texas!