14 For Me ...

started with sister (16 at the time) and mom when i was 14. never felt too awkward for me, i liked it right away ... still do :) 

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8 Responses Feb 20, 2009

i was naked when i was 4 an keep like that <br />
my sister also would be naked she was 5 years older then me it was at home if you want to be naked fine if not its ok no big thing<br />
at first iwas embrassed sis seeing me naked but after while n her naked i got over that<br />
there was never anything sexual about being nake in our hoe

add me to friends please

i was always naked at home evenas a very young child .... i would get naked every chance i got and stay that way

Nice, I started around 14 too, and also have and older sister I experienced it with. My mother, however, was not supportive.

Clothes are a waste of time when it is warm.

Ditto to what realgenius said!<br />
<br />
Nudity is indeed beautiful, fun, and relaxing!

I always had an interest but I guess I started being nude with friends around 16.

I started after I got out of the Army. I was 20.