The Early Years

When I was a little girl we had a swimming pool in the back yard. I never had a bathing suite until I was 13. I just went swimming in the pool nude every day. It was wonderful all the boys in the area would come and look through the fence. I didn't need a top because I didn't have any boobs. From that experience I found I liked people seeing me completely naked. As a teen I would go around the house nude. I still go nude when ever I can.

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Ha Ha Ha. Reminds me of a trip to my sister's place once for a long weekend. She suggested the lot of us go to the city's new park for a picnic. When both our families got there and started grilling our meat, the kids had discovered a wading pool with all kinds of little swings, slides and climbing things in it with water trickling down off them, and of course they wanted to play in it. About a dozen other little kids were playing in it already and they had on little kids swimming suits, which we hadn't brought, so we just let our kids get down to their briefs and go for it. My daughter was ten or eleven years old out there in her panties having the time of her life with all the other boys and girls. No one complained or asked us to take her out of the play area.

when you have your own pool, it's almost inevitable!

I pretty much abandoned my suit at age 13 when we moved to a house with pool. Got some flak from my Mom at first, but eventually she got used to it and calmed down. Great fun!


I had a short fling with a much younger woman that definitely changed my view of things. She confessed that at least as young as 13, she would wander on the nude beaches and enjoy getting men turned on, and fantasized about getting taken because of it. <br />
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One does wonder how often this really happens.

That gets me strokin'! Lots of fun!

Oh yes

if you could do it all over again, would you?

When I was 12 and it keeps on going

when did the sex begin?

Yes my brother has had his turn or should I say turns

I checked out all of your experiences and I see that you have had sex with your dad and uncle and you want to have sex with your son. Did you have sex with your brother as well? If not, why not? Have you always gone nude around your son? If you have, I can't understand why he hasn't been screwing your brains out since he was 12. If I was your son ,I would have been all over you sweetheart. I'd like to do you myself. Better yet, I'd like to gang bang you with the help of your dad, uncle, brother, and son. That would be a hell of a birthday present. With or without me.

I am sure that you do


I always give peep shows. The only time I wear a top is in public.

Nice! Do you still give some peep shows at the pool?

not long

How long did it take you to realize you were being watched?

Good for you! Nudity is indeed enjoyable, fun, and relaxing!

It is good to be comfortable in your own skin. Enjoy your dipping, and as you know, the less you have on, the better it feels.