I remember that from a young age I always enjoyed to be without clothing in my house.

I was fascinated when I saw pictures of naked people living with other ones dressed in Woodstock.

However, when I was ten years old I was forbidden to go naked from my room to the only bathroom in the house, in shower time. From this day forward I couldn't stay without clothes at home anymore and not even only in underwear. It was frustrating!

Nudity has become even more interesting, precisely because it is forbidden.

When I was about fourteen years old we moved to a farm of good size and very secluded. About 300 feet from the house there was a small waterfall that looked like a shower and it fall into a small lake eight inches deep.

When I came home from school I used to was alone the whole afternoon. On a very hot day I stopped at the lake to wet my feets. I wet my hands and took it on my neck. Minutes later I was with the school uniform under the waterfall. I took a big reprimand and would have only one uniform for the rest of the week.

The next day I was still more heat. How could I not wet other uniform I thought a very simple solution. I went home, took all my clothes off and ran to the waterfall. After this, every day this was my ritual: run naked and stay an hour or two without clothes in the lake.

The pleasure of this experience marked my life and made of me a nudist.
BrazilianNat BrazilianNat
51-55, M
Jan 20, 2015