When I was younger the house that my family lived in didn't have a working washer or dryer, so every 2 weeks I would go with my mom to do all of our washing at the laundromat down the street. We would go really late at night since almost nobody else would be there and we could get our laundry done faster.
One night when I was 6, my mom told me to take off what I was wearing so she could wash all of my clothes. I slipped off the tank top and shorts I was wearing, leaving me in nothing but flip flops. It was fun to play naked in the empty laundromat, and exciting to know that somebody could walk in and see me.
This tradition continued until I was 9, and my next door neighbor caught me often. He would look at me, say "nice outfit", then wink and collect his laundry, giving me a pat on the butt on his way out.
Nowadays, I always throw what I'm wearing into the washer when I do laundry at home. It just feels right, y'know?
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It's great - when you learn at an early age that casual nudity isn't an issue, that will stay with you for life. Share!

Yes, except I hardly ever do laundry at home. When you live naked you don't accumulate laundry. Carpe Diem!

My Dad just openly had me blow him. Right there in the living room. It was one of my responsibilities if I wanted my allowance.