Naked With Step-sister

when i was young around 11 onwards, i used to get naked with my step-sister, who is 2 years younger, She lived with my dad and i lived with my mum. it  started a few years before when we went camping  with my dad and her mum, she came in the showers with me, rather go in the ladies on her own,  after that when ever i used to visit them we would get naked together when ever we could, still showering together and we would often sleep in the same bed and get naked under the covers taking looks under the covers, i used to have a hard **** so she see me fully erect, thi went on til i was about 15 and she 13, so we both see each other grow, 

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2 Responses Dec 18, 2009

when did the sex start?

are you still in contact with her? do you think it could ever happen again?