Home Alone Teen Nudist

Nudity was a no-no in our house so was really attracted by freedom (and naughtiness) of being naked. At school there was changing and showers after sports. Also a rule that swimwear or nothing under shorts. A few years before, apparently it was the norm to swim nude, but I got there too late :)

I came across a nudist mag called H&E at 13. I giggled with m8s at pictures but was fascinated by stories and idea of it.

Started by slipping off PJs in dark under covers - very brave lol. After a while this got to be for longer and then I left them off altogether. My mum never said anything - just stopped putting clean PJs under my pillow lol as she used to do. She may have assumed I was sleeping in underwear. I usually put something on to go to bathroom.

I started stripping off when home alone nude; no chance of getting nude outdoors in the city. Always with the purest intentions of enjoying naked time - but at that age...

Was a mainly solo activity, but did get naked with  mates on a couple of occasions, but envy those that hhung out nude regularly. Took me ages to dare to bare in public though; guess all wrapped up with guilty pleasure of teen nudity lol

timbuc2 timbuc2
Dec 27, 2009