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I was 10 years old when my mom found out I went skinny dipping with a friend. She said "Since I liked going naked I would have to go naked the rest of the week." (4 days).  She then called all of the neighbors and told them I was being punished and not to get excited if they saw me naked.

My younger brother (8 yrs old) also called some of the neighbors kids too. The next day I was sent out of the house stark naked and told me I couldn't come in until it 6 pm. She sent lunch out to me.  I was to stay either in the yard or in the public play ground located next to our house. There was a bathroom there too.

 Needless to say all the neighborhood kids were in the play yard waiting for me to come out. After the initial embarrassment,  I spent the day on the swings, monkey bars, playing tag and letting the other kids examine me.  It turned out I had such a good time, I couldn't wait to go back outside naked. I guess it back fired on my mom cause she couldn't complain when I played continued to play naked with the other kids. Nobody complained to her either about me being naked. I finally had to wear clothes when school opened that fall.

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Maybe she knew that would happen -- that you'd enjoy it. On several occasions like that, my mom did.... (I write them up)

i don't believe it!is it aprank?what type of mother would do this to her own daughter?

lol, sounds like you had a lot of fun though

did she let you wear shoes and socks at least?

Yes I wore sneakers, she didn't want me to "step on a nail". I wonder why she wasn't afraid if I would get a splinter from sitting on something ? LOL

I was raised from birth as a nudist in a family of nudists. It was common for me to play outside naked with my friends when I was growing up. (I still do.) And I wasn't the only boy or girl who took their clothes off, we played some very naughty kids games! (Ask me privately about that.)

Summer of 1994, were u there?

How Long Ago Was This?