First Sex And Love At 38 Years.

I was very shy as a young adult and met the woman who is now my wife through a dating agency. She didn't know that I was a virgin but wanted to take it slowly anyway so I was able to take my time and explore the new experiences. She was 39 at the time I was 38. My wife had had one experienced lover before and I think this helped, although she was too preocipied to sense my inexperience (I am uncircumcised whilst her previous lovers had been and she didn't know what to do). Anyway after a few hicups we were soon having good sex and very much in love.

I realise now that far from having a low sex drive (as you might expect from somone who waits this long) I have a very hgh sex drive and was frightened to unleash the force of my own sexuality. It's a pity because I missed so much fun in my early life. But also the missed opportunities nag me. This detracts from the delight and beauty of the relationship that I have been part of for the past 25 years. I have come to the view that I need a few affairs (kind of sowing wild oats in retrospect) just to restore the balance.

I would love to hear other peoples experiences or comments.
wildoat wildoat
61-65, M
Dec 10, 2012