I Love Being A Mum And I Own My Own Business!

Even though I still work full time in my current job, I have recently started a venture that will give me in the long term the chance to stay at home with my kids. This has been a long term dream and goal which is starting to become a reality. I look forward to the day when I don't have to hit the alarm early to get the kids ready for school or daycare, no more expensive day care costs. And whats even more exciting is I am my own boss, no one can fire me or make me redundant yippe. This is not an easy job either but I am well supported by a team of professional people who have been doing this for many years. A company that features on the NASDAQ stock exchange, is registered with the Direct Selling Association. This was a very important aspect that gave me the confidence to look more into Sugarmums.  So I must say along with my family my future is looking pretty good. Thanks for reading.
Sugarmumsarein Sugarmumsarein
36-40, F
Dec 27, 2010