My Best Friend and Lover...

my husband was in iraq when he and i started talking about dating. we had known eachother for the year and a half prior to him leaving and we were good friends. when it was almost time for him to come home, I decided that i wanted to go see him soon after he got back. I told him that and he was very excited since we had not seen eachother in a while. I told him that i was going to be honest with him, that by the time he got home, it would have been 9 months since i had last had sex and that I was probably going to try to seduce him. He had gone nearly 2 years and agreed that sex was pretty much inevitable for us.

Initially we decided to be long distance friends with benifits. we also decided that we didnt just want to jump into a sexual relationship when he got home, not know what the other person was into and possibly change our friendship in a negative way. So we started talking extensively about our sexual histories, the things we were into, the things we wanted to try and things that were turn offs. we had at least 2 months to discuss this stuff. It was surprisingly easy to retain a friendship and talk about sleeping with eachother.

When he got home and i flew to visit him, we didnt have sex the first night i was there. we were staying at his friends house and we didnt want to offend his very christian friend so we slept in different beds. but he did kiss me right when he picked me up from the airport, and i wasnt expecting that. Later that night, he kept sneaking kisses and putting his arms around my waist, holding me close. Although we still were not in a relationship at this time, and his affection surprised me, it felt really natural. when we sat down to watch a movie that night, he cuddled with me on the couch. another friend had come over and he introduced me as his friend but he kept being very affectionate, in a lot of non sexual ways. I didnt understand why it felt so natural, possibly because of our strong friendship for the year or 2 prior.

The next day, we went to his barracks room and although getting our clothes off was a little awkward, once we were naked, it was again the most natural thing to make love with him. every curve of our bodies fit with the other persons, we had the same rhythm and it was the best sex of my life. for the rest of the 2 weeks i was there, we wouldnt keep our hands off of eachother. if we had a second of privacy we were trying desperately to get our hands in the other persons clothes. we had sex 4 or 5 times a day for those 2 weeks. yet we still managed to do friend type stuff together too. so my entire trip didnt revolve around sex. sometime during that time, he started introducing me as his girlfriend. We never decided we were a couple, it just slowly transformed into that. before i left, he told me that although it was so soon in the romance, that because of our strong friendship, he felt confident in telling me that he loved me. And i loved him too. When i came back to see him 2 months later he proposed to me and i said yes. after all, who wouldnt want to marry a man who was their best friend for so long and now an irrisistable lover?


in the year 2008, we were a couple in february, married in may and pregnant in october. we have known eachother for 2 and a half years now(so since oct 06), we just hit our one year mark for being an official couple last month and regardless of the hard stuff we have been through, i am the happiest i have ever been in my life.

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You go girl! Very nice story.. and a wonderful romance to boot!

That is honestly one of the most unusually entertaining stories I've ever read. My views are supposed to be pretty conservative but I can't help but feel happy for the both of you.

A little unusual way to begin a courtship, but whatever works for you is OK by me. JuniorS

Congrats, Feel kind of akward commenting on such an intimate story since i don't know you but i can't help but be happy it worked out for you.