I Started Because Of The Person I Love.

I started smoking about 7 months ago because the person i was madly in love with said i didnt have the guts to smoke. so i proved him wrong.  Can i add i am no longer in love with him...
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8 Responses Sep 12, 2011

I'm too fearful of smoking but I understand where you're coming from. In spite of my fear, if a woman smoker that I was serious about encouraged me to smoke I'd probably try it too.

I was in your shoes when I was 18 I dated a guy who smoked.I wanted to impress him so I started.now 4 years later I'm not with him any longer but yes I'm still a smoker .I'm completely addicted and love it.from being anti now to my 2 pack day habit.they guy I'm useing now didn't smoke but recently I got him to start I see him slowly becoming hooked and he loves it

You did the right thing. You will find the men more attracted to you. do what they ask of you and you will never be lonely.

Can I just say I love stories like this? The ones where you start smoking for someone then you just love smoking

same here i started 2weeks ago ive never smoked in my life bf started 12mths ago <br />
so i surprize him woke him up with thighboots and smoking i smoke all the time now love it

I like to watch girls smoke! Enjoy the power you have over men like me that have a smoking fetish!

Are you still smoking? If so, Are you enjoying it? Would you say you are addicted? I have never smoked but like girls who do and am fascinated by start smoking stories.

Has any guy came up to u saying we wanted a show ?

Good for you then if you're enjoying it;)
I just started last spring, and I know i enjoy it;)

I understand that there are many reasons why someone starts to smoke. But let me tell you that after 10 years of smoking that it just isn't worth it. I know you probably heard all of this but just wait until you walk up a flight of stairs and feel a little winded or when you try running or walking long distances. This alone should be enough to quit but some people need to see for themselves. I hope you are not one of those. It is still early enough to where you are not addicted yet so do yourself a favor and quit now before it is too late. You don't want to get to a point where it is going to be very difficult for you to quit because when that happens you will find yourself rationalising to yourself about why you don't want to quit or you don't need to at that particular time. It is not cool to smoke and its not fun. It can be stress relieving but all you should need to do is look at the people with no jaws or the people walking around with oxygen masks. Its not too late for me either but it is very difficult for me to quit. You wouldn't want to be where me and alot of others are at simply because you got challenged to smoke and you won.