I Started Just To Try It, Now I Cannot Stop

I started to smoke just to see what it was like. I only bought one packet and that was all I was going to smoke and then stop. But one packet followed another and the number I smoked each day increased and now I am addicted and cannot stop.

Don't get me wrong - I like smoking and that first drag in the morning is great. I just wish I could control the urges more. I cannot smoke at work so during the day I have a constant craving. That first drag at the end of the day is also great come to think of it.

You should only start to smoke if you are prepared for all that comes with it. As with all things there is good and bad.

incontinentjack incontinentjack 41-45, M 1 Response Jan 19, 2012

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Aww i started recently actually same way ":)