What Should A Mom Tell Her Kids When She Starts Smoking?

I guess I didn't have much time to figure it out. I started smoking when we were visiting friends for a weekend of nude hiking. Decision time came for me as I was driving home. I knew I could just try to forget how much I'd enjoyed the cigarettes I'd had the night before with the woman who'd now become my lover, and how much I'd enjoyed the one I'd had after breakfast, or I could give in to the dark desire I felt to just buy that pack of cigarettes that I knew very well would be the start of a lifetime addiction.
I stopped to fill the car where Sarah had told me. My heart was pounding as I walked in to pay. The cool tile in front of the counter tingled under my bare toes. I feared loosing my voice as I thanked the girl, and finally added: "And I'd like a pack of American Spirit Organic Reds, please." I held them up so the boys could see them as I walked back to the car. 
My youngest asked if I'd bought them for for Sarah.
"No," I corrected him firmly, "the cigarettes are for me. I'm going to be smoking from now on." I paused to open the pack and light the cigarette that would seal my fate as a smoker. I took a long, sensuous drag, as I knew the boys were watching. I gestured at him with the cigarette as I continued in my sternest mom voice. "But I never want to see you even so much as touching a cigarette."
The days that followed presented all the expected challenges of my "coming out" as a new smoker, but a visit to my gandmother's was an unexpected bright spot.  Gran had been less than pleased the previous summer when I began going barefoot like he boys, but I was surprised to see her grinning when she saw me use the trail toughened pad of my big toe to crush out a cigarette before stepping into her house. She's been a smoker as long as I've known her, but only then did she confide in me that she'd only started smoking when my dad was about as old as my Danny. She'd never let her kids smoke, though, not while they were under her roof. Smoking was strictly a mom thing in her home, just as it's going to be in mine. My dad never smoked at all, and neither of his sisters smoked until they themselves were moms. I guess we're all late starters, and I think I like it that way.
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My mom started smoking young, and when I was a kid I was fascinated by smoking. I got to smoke once when I was 4, but not again, and by the time I was 12 I couldn't wait any longer,, so I asked her for a puff, and got it! She started having me light her cigarettes and have a few puffs each time, and sometimes letting me finish her smoke. So I gradually started smoking, with mom's help. Crazy but true. This was a long time ago, when kid smoking wasn't uncommon.

Very happy for you, as a smoking fetishist. It's so sexy, and starting at your age will likely mean you'll be able to smoke for the rest of your life with little issue. Enjoy a good deep inhale and hold it in, you'll feel amazing. I too started later in life. Now I even love direct inhales :)

Great story!

I started smoking when I was 50 (I did smoke in my teens). My son was gobsmacked! Enjoy your new habit :)

That's a perfect time to start again. I look for older smokers. They smoke so suductivly knowing they have the attention of all the men around her.

And you enjoy yours, smokernikki, starting at 50 sound smart, and it must've been fun ;-) Congratulations to both of us ;-)

How wonderful a story. I love woman smokers. They look so hot when they exhale. I hope you enjoy your new found love.

Oh yes:)
I'm very glad I made the choice to smoke, cause it's something I've found I really enjoy:) My only small regret was somking that first cigarette in the car with my boys. I totally ejoyed that cigarette, but by the time I'd finished it, I'd made up my mind never to smoke in the car again, or in the house. Smoking means a lot to me now, yes, but so does being a responsible mom. I want to make sure I'm the only one getting any of my smoke.

Do they ask questions about it? Like "How does it taste?"

Have they ever asked you questions about it, like what it tastes like, why you like it, etc.?