Why I Started Smoking

I Started Smoking since I was about 8 I was out with my mates we all smoked by the time I started high school I was smoking at break time and lunch time I also smoked when I was doing my newspaper round my brother smokes too he's only 10 he started smoking only last year the reason was we were out for a walk and I took a cig out and lit it my brother asked if he could have one and I said sure you can but if you don't like it you won't get another one we smoke all the time now only at our mum's house I can't smoke at our dad's house but my brother can I'm not sure why
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

thats great, glad your bro started already!

Am interested in People getting hooked on Cigarettes. At first , I coughed a lot. It changes you, somehow, cos after awhile you like it ? Please write me !