Embarrassed New Smoker

I hate smoking and smokers but I started a few months ago. All of the girls in my dormitory are smoking so I joined them. Now I am smoking more than they smoke.
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18-21, F
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So Inez, are you still smoking? From your last post, it seems that you were finally starting to enjoy it. I like to smoke and my philosophy has always been if you enjoy smoking, then you should smoke and not worry about anything or any ones opinion.

I am a smoker now. I still feel uneasy about it but the cigarettes are part of my life now. I like it and I like how the smoking makes me feel so I stick with it now but am not really sure about it anyhow.

Don't worry about it! There are plenty of people out there who love girls who smoke!

You must be very sexy to the men around you.

So u should be proud to identify yourself as a smoker. I'm actually trying to start. Do u intend on smoking a while?

College is great. Its the time when we stop being our parents kids and become our own person.

Cigarettes have a way of doing that! Enjoy every deep drag and please add a fellow smoker!

It's amazing how it happens that way. Smoking can lure you in very easily.

HAHA you hate smokers and smoking but you smoke? Do you actually enjoy it? I hope you do, because if you don't enjoy it that would be very bad. Best of luck!

I really don't like it but I went up from one to then two or three then to six or seven or eight cigarettes a day and now I smoke one and a half packs a day.

I actually like seeing anti smokers getting their comeuppance and being turned around to see things as a smoker does. I hope you soon learn to depend on smoking and love it like the smokers you once didn't like!

Ok, well Inez I am so sorry to hear that you hate smoking but you have a 1.5ppd habit. I wish you the best of luck that one day you will be able to quit!