Possible New Smoker

I have always been attracted to smokers, however it contradicts my lifestyle as a toughmudder and a triathlete. I want to start smoking and have a softer body now. Any ideas on how to begin? I'm a little freaked out about how it may change my lifestyle, but envy regular smokers who were brave enough to start and are addicted enough to enjoy every cigarette
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3 Responses Feb 6, 2013

So i bought a pack and have smoked 3 each day for the past couple of days. I don't feel addicted, but smoking's getting easier. I think I will be a closet smoker until the summer and limit my gym time to fit my lifestyle now.

I just bought my third pack yesterday - just buying them is still very exciting. I got a thrill when the clerk suggested I buy 3 packs to get discount.

For me picking a brand was the biggest obsticle. Do you have a pack yet?

well after u start smoking u can still do all the things u want to do. u wont see any changes for a few years. so i say get started as soon as u can and enjoy. :)