I Started Smoking Since 14...

Hey my name's madison, I'm currently 16, I'm not a teenager out of control, just regular, partying, casual drinking, barely at all, I don't like drowning my brain in alcohol, but no drugs at all, just tobacco lots of it,

but 4 sure I smoke a lot, I've been drunk not too much times, unlike others, I smoke and smoke and smoke, to he point, that were the others stink to alcohol, my clothes stink tobacco 24/7, I waste too much money on perfumes and dry cleaning because of that, I fancy Cigarettes more than sex, drugs or alcohol, My mom's got me, she says it's unhealthy 4 me, but says that I'm enough smart to understand thatm in fact she doesn't complains about, but she encourages me to stop smoking, she says, she rather have me stinking tobacco, than having me drunk, on her opinion smoking, is the only vice, that doens't affects at all your behavior, that's true right?

My friends tell my that I abuse my mom's trust, I guess they are right, most moms, would do drastic things to keep their sons away from cigarettes, my mom is cool with that... I guees I'm letting down my mom because I don't quit it...

I started smoking at 14, by my own decission, my friends didn't push me at all, I though that smoking was stupid, but I sold my beliefs, to minty cigarette, sadly... I started smoking at parties, gigs,, then I got out of control, I started smoking everytime, everywhere, I don't why I have the stupid idea that cigarettes add drama and tension to a conversation, and that smoking under the rain, copes with depression, but those work out perfectly fine with me... I can't stop, in fact i don't regret it,

I'm worried about mom, how she'll see, that I don't listen to her... it makes me sad!

It's just that I feel so ok, so fine, adn fresh when I smoke, Before I have a test, in school, in the morning I use to smoke a cigarette, a minty one, to keep myself focused, guess what, I go well on thos test...

My friends say that I don't have a smoking problem, that me and cigarettes are a match made in heaven,

 how depressing is that?

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I understand how you smoke. It is a need you have. You also NEED a friend who is also interested in smoking. I'm very in touch with the desire to smoke. I have that , too. Right now, I am afraid to smoke. I want to share about me, and learn exactly how you get cigarettes, the whole 9 yards. I'm an excellent, good listener. Can you be my friend. DonDominant

If you wanna add me as a friend we can chat sometime about this. I have a smoking fetish too. ;-)

wow...smiking fetish...that's the first time I hear this

Trust me man...The "blows" get harder.... you just get more imuned to them. <br />
<br />
If you ever do quit, hit me up and I'll give you some tips that helped me.

Thank you 4 ur, wise advice, I heard stories, what u say is true, It's just, that I won't something that it's me, so me, I'm in the age, where all the blows of life, hit harder, and nothing happens, maybe someday out of blue, something lovely, will make me quit =D

Well dude, being an ex smoker who smoked for 22 years - also started when I was fourteen. Don't feel bad, its no longer your choice. No cigarette addict can just decide to stop. The only way to stop is in my opnion (and alot people agree with me) is if you one day out of the blue get inspired to quit. Its something that just happens, not something you choose to happen. The only people that successfully quit are the peolle who one day get fed up and get what seems like some devine inspiration to quit. Some people quit on their birthday, some quit the day they lost their job, some quit the same day they leave an abusive spouse I've heard all kinds of stories, but there allways seems to be some major change in there physquie. Thats something that just happens not something you can choose.<br />
<br />
All the plans, products and other gimmics only seem to have temporay fixes and you're usually in agony during them. So if the day ever does come for you ( and I'm hoping it will) where you get the devine inspiration to quit, make sure you stick to it, cause you may never get that chance again.<br />
<br />
Good Luck