My First Touch ...

It was when I was in school that I had my first touch on a saree. The sensuous fabric on my skin gave me an electric feeling all over my body..It was like ripples all through my veins..
I was in my aunts house one summer holiday. My aunt had a daughter six years older than me. We were good friends all the time. I was always eager to get into her room as the air smelled intoxicating always with a jasmine perfume. Apart from that the the wardrobe was full of sarees, mostly silk, satin, georgette and chiffon. The color and the fragrance it carried always attracted me. Another attraction was the sarees on her bed. Most of the time there would be a loosely left saree on her bed. One that she wore and let loosely on the bed before getting it folded and hanged into the wardrobe. I always sat on her bed whenever a saree was spread on it. I would sit and slowly lie down and feel the saree with my fingers and even kissing it..I would roll on it as if there is no saree lying on it. Even the sight of a saree on her bed gave me erections, and to lie on it and kiss it and feel it on the skin was heavenly.
One evening when we were alone at home she said, Come I'll dress you up' and took me to her room. We went in the room and she without any talk took a saree lying on the bed and started wrapping it around me. I was thrilled. My whole body started shiveing and my veins had a sensuous feeling passing through every single nerve in my body. I had an erection, and my heartbeat took a faster pace.She was watching me while carefully dressing me up. Several times her hands rubbed on the erected penis. With two layers of saree on my erection, I was excited each time her hands rubbed on it....
loveladyinsaatin loveladyinsaatin
May 17, 2012