Why I Started Wearing Little Girl Panties And Bra's. I Will Never Look Back......

I started wearing girls panties full time about a week ago, and it feels so much better then men's underwear. I use to wear boxer briefs, or Briefs and started to notice that the cloth started itching me and became uncomfortable.

So the other day i went to go buy new underwear, yeah i looked at the mens stuff to see if there was anything better, there was crap, so i took a stroll to the little girls section. Why little girls section you ask, because im so slender i know that a woman's panties would not fit. When i was married i tried my ex wife's on and they didn't fit really good. It took me about 30 mins to decide what panties to buy. Didn't know if i wanted Brief's, Bikini, or Boyshorts. Was pretty surprised on the verity the girls had, and all the cute little designs. I settled for briefs because that was what i have been use to. And the price was so much cheaper got a 10 pack for 7 or 8 bucks at Wal Mart. For mens its like a 3 pack for 11 bucks, what a rip off. I went home put them in the wash. they were finally done, i put them on and felt way better, I've never looked back and I'm so much happier now. I will up date you guys on this, because i want to shop at a better store and get some more, im going to start a collection of little girls panties and some training bras. I feel really confident about this and i found this site, and im not the only one on earth that does this.

As for wearing training bras i completes the feel and look.  I think it feels really good with something around my chest like something holding me.  Guys really don't need to wear a training bra but its a comfort thing. I probably won't wear a bra that is cupped its a waste of space.  I feel girly with it on and makes me feel good.  I usally were it at bed time. I do have roommates and if they found out i decided do this, it would be weird.  Im a straight guy i love girls and have been married, there is just something about wearing girl stuff.
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I know how you feel. I love boyshorts n hipsters with lace. I like sharing pics in my panties.

I love showing off my cute hipster and bikini panties!

That's delightful. I know you like the ladies but this guy would really like you. I'd be great if you shared some pictures too.

Can I join in in the fun boys?

Mmmmm yes I agree

I will agree that soft girls panties feel great on the ****

I completely agree, I want to wear panties all the time but haven't committed to it yet

You should! They feel amazing all day and the excitement you get from knowing you have a cute pair hugging you in all the right places feels so sexy!

i think you need help & get some.

I see you met Serina Lynn! Were all on MWB...see ya there!

HI. let me offer some help for you. I also wear womens clothing not only lingerie, but tops and bottoms also.<br />
When you go shopping for bras and pantys, let the store Sales Assocoate (SA) know what you are buying is for you, an SA worth her salt will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. When buying a bra for yourself ask the SA for a bra fitting. If you go to a store to buy a bra and they refuse to do a bra fitting for you as a man, politely excuse yourself and proceed to the next store. Any store that refuses to bra fit a man is not worth buying from. We men bra wearers want to look good and be comfortable in our bras . <br />
Log on to www.hellotaxi.websitetoolbox.com that is the website for the Men Wear Bras Forum. 1,300 members mostly men that wear a bra daily post there. if your looking for advise or support that is where you will find it.

Thank you very much for the help, really new to this. Been doing alot of research online for sizes and all. Its really hard because im so small that a womans small is to big for my waste. im about a 34 36 chest and 14-16 pantie size.. Kind of wierd to walk into the little girls department and start looking around. Ive had some weird looks. but i press on.

I suggest a bra fitting for every style or manufacturer of bra you buy. If I were you I'd start with a Victorias Secrets Store and ask a SA for bra fitting. That way you will know what exactly what bra you can wear that will look good on you and be comfortable al day. I also suggust you look for a pair of
Breast Forms that way you can move out of your training bra and into an "A" or "B" cup. If you get to the point of trying on womens tops or a dress in the store , womens tops will look better when your in a bra with a little boobage in your cups. You will have to ask in every store for a bra fitting. because each style of bra you buy will fit slightly different. Later