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Sister Gave Me Her Panties And More!

Yes , so many of us CDers started with sneaking a pair of sister's panties. I wasn't as bold as most who may took panties for sister dresser as I always got panties from the clothes hamper. Thus, any stains would be gone after the wash! This lasted about six months at age 13 until sis (age 16) came home early one day and found me wearing a tight pair of her see thru black panties in my room. (yes I had left the door open not expecting anyone for several hours) I was shocked and she was smiling and asked what I was doing. I had expected this would happen one day and was ready. Oh, I'm sorry I said. All my shorts were dirty so I hope you don't mind me wearing a pair of yours! Still smiling she said it's OK but don't streach them out -- and oh yes -- don't leave stains in them! Come here and I'll show you some I don't wear anymore so you can use them next time. We then went to her dresser (where I had looked many times before) and showed me several pair in the back row. Wear these as they're small for me and I don't like the colors she said. Maybe you should try them on now! I was shocked but couldn't wait. That's OK I said and then she said No, let's get this right now. Drop those panties and start trying these on! Not here I said. Yes, just turn around as I've seen your butt before. And so we spent the next hour with me trying on all the old panties she wanted me to use. We finally settleled on about seven pair and she agreed to leave them in the back corner spot vs me trying to hide them in my room. That day passed and the following week she asked if I was enjoying wearing her panites. Guess she noticed that I didn't fold them back into neat piles like she did. I realized I was caught so boldly said: Thank you so much for taking the time to fit them with me and yes they feel great. So much better than my loose jocky shorts! She smiled again and said follow me. We went to her room and she said. You cannot fool me, I know you like the feel of girls clothes so lets get with it and have some real fun! Mom and dad wouldn't be back for several hours so the place is ours! Stip down to the black panties you're wearing and put this bra on was her next command as she pulling a lovely black lacy bra from her dresser. I was shocked, nub, and so excited that I just froze. Come on, I know you want to do this and I really want to see you dressed in my girly stuff. So I took the bra and she helped me connect the back hooks. I then saw myself in her wall mirror and was hooked forever to girly clothes. She then gave me some panty hose and slip. Then she pulled a cute little black dress and I was so excited I though my throbbing **** was going to explode. I had JO'd many times wearing her panties but had never *** before. We had a great afternoon and that was the start of our girly afternoons when the parents were gone. She also showed me several of her old bras that I could wear whenever I wanted. It was our little secret and she loved to dress me and I loved to be dressed by her. This lasted for over two years until she left for college but we would have some girly time when she came home for breaks. And she left me a full dresser drawer and closet full of her ligerie for me to wear while she was gone. I was fun time that was really started by my sister and I still enjoy crossdressing today!
robbi95 robbi95 46-50, M 11 Responses Jul 16, 2011

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sounds like you finally found what makes you happy and comfortable. i have been wanting to try this for a while now but i have no one to help me so im stuck with guys clothes

visit your local goodwill or dollar general stores -- they all have bras and panties cheap! Yes, scary to take those to checkout but you'll find it's really fun after paying and try to guess if others are thinking if they're for you or sister!!

Sounds like fun, I didn't have a sister....

It sounds like you have a great sister, Robbi, and with her help and encouragement you found the girl inside you. And it is great for her too, now she knows what to get you in the way of a present for those special occasions. I do hope you've thanked her, but I'm sure you have.

Youe sister is puer gold!

My sis gave me a set of bra and panties after she went to college

Great story and what a wonderful kind sister you have....My sister was much older and did not grow up with us "dudes" ..I would have liked to have a sister to guide me as I explored girl clothes

Great story You had a wonderful brother sister relationship. My sister wasn't as open and vocal to me borrowing her panties and stuff but I think she had a idea it was me.

your sister was much nicer than my sisters were

What a wonderful sister! My sis shared her clothes with me too.

Great story. I've always wanted a girl to dress me up. I don't have the patience for make up so I'd like to have a someone else do it.

what a cool sister. lucky you