Youngest Sister's Panties...

I was about 18 and 7 years older than my youngest (of 3) sisters. I remember feeling horny one day, and being alone in the house, decided to go exploring to see what goodies I could find in my sister's bedroom, the other 2 older sisters had already left home, so the youngest (Jayne) was the only sister still living with my parents. I remember undressing in my bedroom, the house being empty, but keeping an ear out for returning family I went into Jayne's room and found a large transparent plastic almost like a garment-bag, divided up into columns and rows of pockets, a matrix of about 5 x 6 making a total of 30 pockets, each containing a rolled up pair of panties, hanging on the rear of the bedroom door. I spent a while examining, sniffing, and trying on many of this rich find, however they were all clean (the dirty laundry hamper was over in the bathroom), so I found a trophy-pair, pale-blue nylon with a couple of rows of frilly lace around the back, and slipped them on. They were a bit small but by then I had a throbbing erection and I eventually climaxed, squirting my warm ***** into the front of her panties. By this time I had returned to the privacy of my own bedroom, and so got cleaned up and had a shower. Jayne never said anything about her missing panties, so I expect she just assumed she lost them.
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May 5, 2012