Dared By My Sister

My sister is four years older than me, so when we were young she learned early on how to take control of me in subtle ways. If I did something she didn't like, she would spank my bare behind and have me stand in the corner. I was too young to understand at the time but since my mother said I had no choice, I accepted it. Then, as we both got older I would rebel. So, she decided to take a different route to maintain control.

When I acted up one day, she made me follow her to her room. My mother allowed this and laughed the first time it happened. She gave me a choice and there was no way out of it.

I could either let her spank me and stand me in the corner OR I would have to wear her panties to school. I protested, so she ordered me to *****. After I did as I was told, she took me over her lap and spanked me until I said I would do as she tells me. It was only a few well-placed swats, but the huimiliation was more than I could handle and I gave in. She made me stand in the corner as my mother came in and helped choose the colors.

At first, I simply wore white panties, but they expanded the colors as things went along. Our mother bought ones that fit me and they were in my sister's dresser. When I would act up, or my sister felt it was needed, she would have me show up in her room and it was up to her as to whether I deserved a spanking and corner time or if I would have to wear her panties to school the next day. Sometimes both were needed.

As we got older, she told her female friends that I wore panties and that they were my own. They had also been moved to my dresser. The friends also got to have me model for them, as well.

She also said that she spanked me and made me stand in the corner totally naked. It only took a few times until I learned my place.  A few of her friends saw this being done and again, it only took a few times to keep me in line.  It was quite humiliating.

I still buy women's panties from time to time and enjoy the soft feel of them.
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You were very lucky to have such a fantastic sister and mom

Being spanked by my sister and standing in the corner was uite shameful, but I lerned my place rather quickly. Our mother allowed it within reason. After all, SHE didn't have to bother with it - it was up to my sister to keep me in line.

They do feel wonderful.