My Gym Story ((yessss!!!!))

I started going to the gym in the end of June of 2012! And its been very great and crucial at the same time! I went from almost 500lbs to now 352lbs. (as of Nov 25, 2012) Been hitting the Treadmill mostly and sometime add some Dumbell work! But im mostly workin on my cardio cause I been overweight all my life and I found out that I had diabetes! It was time for a change! I use to be a heavy Newport smoker and a Hennessy guzzler before I was on my way to loosing weight! And the haters cant stand it! But who cares about them! Im going to continue having success in the gym and stay healthy cuz im on my way to becoming a major factor! Real Talk!!!
TeddyBearIXE TeddyBearIXE
26-30, M
2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Keep up the great work!

Fantastic .... I love reading stories like this. And I encourage you to keep it up.
There will be highs and lows but do not despair. :)

Thankz Focus 101!!! Now im 315lbs as of March 31, 2013!!! No Doubt!!