Horny, Dirty, Nasty

Verging on slutty, I love when women play the role (being a woman myself, I know what goes into it, on both ends - pun intended ;P) ... For those out there who know what I am talking about, I am saying those prickteasers get me going, and the fun part is for me, knowing they aren't thinking another woman is watching them in that way - because they are performing for the guys :)

Orckiss Orckiss
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8 Responses Jan 22, 2010

Ohh...I wouldn't notice if a girl was flirting with me. I'm lucky to have my wife...so that I don't have to worry about that anymore. But I do enjoy watching girls flirting with others. It is sexy!

You know...I'm one of those idiots that can't tell when someone is flirting with me. But I sure can tell when someone is flirting with someone else. If I ever get the chance...I'd like to try. I think it'll be fun!

Being flirted with or witnessing it you mean?

I think it would be fun to watch you lust over them! Wish I could paint the visual in my head.... You're so cute...

Seeing one woman eye off another you mean? You'd have to catch me at it first, I think we can be quite discreet!

You think they don't know? They know...just not saying anything. Don't know what to do. To tell you the truth...I don't know what to do. So I guess those prickteasers and I are in the same boat. Humanity, where's the humanity.....

LOL, gotta admit though, it is fun to look!

And how do you tease your woman?

I Like your attitude :-)

I love when woman tease me even beter when they act on it .

I like to tease provocatively with words and suggestions that corrupt minds into thinking that even the simplest and most innocent things can be dirty; but in the physical sense of prickteasing, I like to leave that to other women (and more fun for me to watch too)!