Going through a divorce. We separated for 4 months now. it's been hard for i have 3 young kids, 7, 4, 2 years old. I have moved back to my home country after finding out my wife cheating. Thinking, i was back home to regain myself and would go back to live near the kids in the US again but in a way i knew i could not make it a lone in the US. I landed a dream job in my home country and it has been awesome ride since day one getting this job; the job i would never find in the US. I miss my kids greatly, i know they miss me too. I want to find ways to make this divorce easier for my kids and that i can still have relationship with them long distance. Anybody out there have had similar experience please share your thoughts.
flexoverdeal flexoverdeal
36-40, M
Aug 16, 2014