No More Fat!

I started starving myself while working out on monday and by wednesday i had lost 5 pounds! but then i fainted and got scared and ate cereal i hated myself for eating but i didnt want my mom to freak out if she saw me faint again plus it wasnt really fun......but im starting again on thursday! im 17 5'6 i was 143 and now im 135
Chibikoko Chibikoko
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

did you know that bruce lee lived many years without any fat on his bones?! yeah, he looked kinda freaky but any dude who can do the things he could do with his body, has my vote! the problem is that we don't eat like he did. we don't know how to get the nutrients that we need. we just eat what the store tells us to eat. and the labels make us feel better by lying to us about all the nutrients they say are supposedly in our food. And they go even further by telling you that the sugar in fruit is bad for you and will make you fat!!! that's just because they don't make any money from the sugar in fruit, but the sugar the dig out of the ground is like selling dirt for millions of dollars per pound!!! actually sugar comes from many different sources. the only one that was meant for our bodies is found in fruit. the stuff they put in gatorade that makes you able to run that extra distance to win the race, guess where that stuff is naturally occuring? in fact there is only one true source of vitamins, and that's in plants, in fact there's 80 times more vitamins in fruit than in any other substance on earth, and it's the real stuff, not the fake ones you find in pills. i've studied the research of the scientists who wrote the bible on real vitamins and fake vitamins and believe me, they're fake. but it makes us feel safe, so keep believing in the labels! in the meantime, eat some more fruit, but keep starving yourself, you're going to get skinnier and instead of fainting you'll be doing flips and summersaults next time your mom walks in and she'll want to eat what you're eating and be surprised when you tell her, "nothing!" For more about the healthy annorexic go to everything i've said here should be considered opinion, i'm not a professional. have a fruitful week!

stop it. for real you are not in that huge weight bracket to be worried about it like that come on now. what is really the issure? find that and get healhty ok.. for rea.l