Starving = Perfection

i am freaking fat, and people tell me no way, but straving does work.
I hate stepping on the scales, and i hate it wen i look in the mirror.

I feel fat and hate, and perfection is the key, and i promise starving does work

Anyone feel the same, that they want to loose weight ect.?
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

i started to go vegeterian about two months ago so no one would really notice how i have stopped eating i would come home from school ( i never eat or drink at school) and would feel hungry so i ate continuously until tea i always thought i was average betwwen my best friend and i i was the smaller one but she found a boyfriend and started to loose weight i have always had a boyfriend who thinks im beautiful no matter what and once my friend was skinny i started to think i was fat (which im considered to be) and since going vege i noticed i would be to lazy to make my own food (my mothers rule (she isnt going to cook seperate meals) ) so i would just starve i now have a glass of water and my iron tablets and in october i was 5.3 in height and weighed 92 kilos its neaarly january and my height is still 5.3 but my weight is now at 77 kilos though theres improvement a still feel fat if not bigger because im always wanting food im going to continue this

tips are simple, just gradually cut down your food, and always ahve something on your plate when you finish, try to drink water for fizzy drinks have lots of calories

Im 16-18 size and want to back down to 12-14 Or smaller.. Im 5"5 - 5"6 so its not a good look lol.<br />
Got any tips about how starve ? I keep trying but i fail in the end :( .. And binge :'( HELP NEEDED!!<br />