Been Fat For Way 2 Long

i got fat in the second grade i am done with being the girl everyone tlks **** about my big sister told me on ething in 6th grade you cannot be fat in highschool. she dropped her weghit in the fifth grade when she got the flu. when i get sick i still eat i eat so much when i am bored or when i am depressed i want a boyfreind and i want to feel good about myself i am now in 8th grade 1 year till highschool i am 190 and in a year 100-130 sounds good so i am going to starve myself i need support from people who feel the same way. i want to be tht girls tht guys talk about in the locker room. CANT WAIT TO BE SKINNY!!
gottabeskinny4highschool gottabeskinny4highschool
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

hey! i just seen this and maybe we can be friends. message me up!