I Really Hate The Way I Look

i hate the way  my thighs look, i hate the way my belly buldges when i eat something, and i hate my double chin
these are the things i want to get rid of.
i also want to feel more in control of myself .
i have no self control but i think if i keep on telling myself i'm fat and ugly something in my brain will just light up and finally after a week of thinking aabout it i will stop eating tommorow morning
today i had 900 calories and ugh i'm so mad at myself.
i'm going to go on the treadmill for 2 hours to try to burn it off
i'm 15 going on 16 (trying to lose 15 pounds before school starts in sept)
and i am 133 pounds
someone have any advice to motivate at all? :(
aempink aempink
Jul 30, 2010