Starving For Happiness...

I starve myself everyday so that I can become thin. I weigh 136lbs right now. I used to weight alot more. I recently got back into my anorexia and am sticking to it now. My goal is to weigh at the most 110lbs. I am 5' 4" and hold all my weight in my thighs and belly. I hate it. Starving myself is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I know it sounds a little strange but I get a sence of happiness and strength every time I make it through a day without eating.
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Wow. I feel the exact same way. It's like not eating almost gives you a sense of power. Each day that I can go through without eating I feel proud of myself. I don't have the same measurements but I know what youre going through. My thighs and "love handles" are the things that bug me the most, and then of course my tummy. Please message me so we can learn more about eachother, and support eachother <3

tips to have people think you're eating.... hmmm...<br />
In the mornings get up before everyone else, make lots of food for your self and then throw it away where no one can find it. But make sure to leave a little on your plate so no one gets suspisiouse. Evenings say your going to a friends house to have dinner and when you get there tell ur friend you already ate. <br />
But if you're forced to eat at home with family. Offer to cook for everyone. They'll think ur just being nice but in reality you are choosing the menu. you can make low cal dishes and serve urself less then everyone else!

wow <br />
we have exactly the same measurments<br />
i got down to 115 but was made to eat and things..... i felt so much better then now im huge and my clothes dont fit .<br />
now i wanna go back<br />
i was never ready to go in to "recovery"<br />
i find it hard to be anna when people are watching me all the time, <br />
i have a boy friend who i see every day meaning i cant starve all the time , do you have any tips on how to pretend your eating?

SAMEE! same height. i want to be 110 aswell. im like 155 though :

I have done some extreme diets but always followed one iron rule: "Never less than 1200 kcal a day."<br />
<br />
Eating 1200 kcal is still considerably less than what the body consumes (even without any sports) and will burn fat in no time.<br />
<br />
Eating zero means your body is in constant starvation mode and tries to preserve as much fat as possible. In turn, it will primarily nurture from your muscles. So a huge chunk of the first 20lb you lose starving will be muscle.<br />
<br />
My suggestion: A daily calorie deficit of 800 kcal (2000 kcal burnt, less 1200 kcal eaten = 800 kcal) will burn more fat and less muscle as it doesn't force your body into starvation mode 24/7. That this is also healthier should be obvious.<br />
<br />
You can also then do minor adjustments to this diet:<br />
a) if you want to look slim but well-curved you should ensure you keep as much muscle as possible... this is done by training muscle (don't be afraid - you won't actually build a lot of muscle, but give muscles an incentive to stick around)<br />
<br />
and/or<br />
<br />
b) you want to speed up the fat burning -> do cardio at roughly 55-65% of your maximum puls. (your max pulse should be around 210 bpm, so 55-65% = 115 - 136 bpm. This relatively low pulse will allow your body to keep up with mobilizing stored fat and converting it into blood sugar.<br />
<br />
I know this is very different from what you did before, but please consider this suggestion and let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any help.<br />
<br />
Oh yeah, and this is of course on your own risk and stuff... Not sure if that is implied or not when reading advice on this website...<br />
<br />