Me- Figure Skater. Must Be Thin.

I am 16 years old and a junior level figure skater (not competing until i am a senior). I used to run cross country and track and i have a background with gymnastics and ballet. However, i am 5'3 and 117 lbs- and all of it seems to be in my thighs, or in my upper arms- all that flab! And its been a few months since i was weighed. I'm probably 160 by now or something! So, i need to stop eating for 17 days in order to lose 20 lbs. Then i'll eat a little fruit and veggie, excersize a lot, and then fast for 17 days again until i've lost 40 lbs. I really need that weight loss because figure skaters need to be skinny to do triple axels and such; you can't throw yourself in the air and spin if youre fat! DUH! Plus, i feel that every time i do a triple flip or lutz, my thighs jiggle and everyone thinks how fat I am.
I've been trying to starve myself, but its hard. I always want to eat food, and my parents set up traps- yummy steak, angel food cake, butter braids, chili- so i won't stop eating, so out of guilt i'd throw up some of my food, trying to get it all out. But what i really want, and need, is to starve myself. Just a couple pounds. I won't become anorexic or anything, obviously! Just enough to get to my target weight. I realize you can't just, BOOM, stop eating, so i will chew gun and eat teeny tiny pieces of food throughout the day until i can go without eating at all.
Yesterday, i ate only:
1) half a peach for breakfast
2) piece of gum
3) 1/4 a bowl of cereal
Today i only ate:
1) one packet of oatmeal (130 calories)
2) 1 piece of gum (15 C)
3) 1 mini-milky way bar (38 calories)
4) 1/5 a  cup of beans, but i threw it up afterwards.
The mily way bar i was forced to eat, thanks to my yearbook advisor who told me i had to eat, so he gave it to me and when i asked to go to the bathroom he said no, wait until yearbooks over, so i couldn't throw it up. My stepdad made me eat beans, but i turned on the shower, flushes the toilet, and played radio music loud while i threw up in the sink. I'm not sure if he heard me becaue he was watching television.
I really hope i can have the will to starve until i have lost weight to do my axels.
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please no. i am a figure skater and the best girls at my club have big thighs because they are soooo muscular. you cant skate if you eat this little. people don't judge figure skaters because of there weight, but how lively they are and there technical elements and there jumps and spins. to lift yourself up to do an axles, you need muscle, not skin and bones. I am 13 and trying to land my double axle. i went through a stage with this mind set also. i was stuck on my double flip and i thought it was because of my weight. when i was done with the diet, i am not lying, i could barely land my single axle because i had no energy. i was so thin being 5.6 and only 80-90 pounds. please dont do this to yourself. you wont land axles by starving yourself.

Please stop. You really don't know what you are doing to yourself, I have hade the exact same thoughts and 1 month later I was seriously underweight but I still couldnt eat. If you start starving yourself you will never be able to stop. If you want to loose weight just avoid the sugars and fat but your body needs fuel to function properly.

DON'T STARVE YOUR SELF!!!! You are a beautiful girl!!

I'm a figure skater trying to loose weight as well and I can assure you if you continue starving yourself you'll never loose the weight.<br />
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Been there, done's a disaster waiting to happen. You'll loose the weight off the top, then you'll start to gain it back again and maybe a little more.<br />
<br />
Right now I'm 5'1 and 120 lbs. People always think I'm much taller and can't believe I'm 120 lbs because my muscles are lean's muscle. You have to understand that as an athlete most of your body mass is muscle, and a girl with more muscle mass will wear a smaller pant size than a girl with the same weight but with more fat. Muscle helps you burn fat.<br />
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You need to focus on eating foods that are healthy, not staying away from foods that will make you fat. Once you start rationalizing eating that way it will be easier to loose weight.<br />
<br />
Loosing weight is about burning more calories than you consume. If in order to maintain your weight you need something like 2,000 calories a day and you're eating that many calories, but not doing activities to burn energy, then you'll gain weight.<br />
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On the contrary, if you're burning more calories than you consume you will loose weight.<br />
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Plus, you can't just expect to not eat and loose weight. You have to work out (not just skating) to burn calories. <br />
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I don't mean to sound cruel, but starving yourself is a lazy way to loose weight. Taking the easiest way out of anything will encourage you to make the same kind of choices elsewhere. Just like If you don't practice your spins while training your program and expect to win over someone who does, then you're taking the easy way out and only you will end up a loser in the end.<br />
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A starving figure skater doesn't have energy, stamina or proper bone health to win. If you don't eat you'll be more prone to colds, flus and viruses which can take you out of training enough to stunt any progress you've made. Plus you won't have any energy to actually train at full capacity.<br />
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Again, I've been there, done that.<br />
<br />
Would you rather be an ultra skinny skater who can only go half-way to the top of a good triple and under rotate it, or a strong skater who has plenty of room to rotate a triple?<br />
<br />
I understand what you're going through, but you have to think long term and not be too short-sighted. If losing weight is a goal to help you in the long run, you have to factor in all of the consequences/rewards associated with it.<br />
<br />
What seems to help you right now may actually just hinder your ultimate goal, and you'll just end up feeling like more of a failure in the end. <br />
<br />
Take my advice, please. Starving yourself isn't the way to achieve your goal.