Starving To Be Skinny

I am a young teen i am obsessed with my weight when i look at myself with any shirt on i want to cry im 14 and almost weight a total of 150 pounds. it humiliating to see girls go by you at school who can eat everything and not even think twice because they dont gain anything! I decided as of yesterday to starve myself and today being my first day it went extreamly well i didnt eat anything i just drank water with a peice of lemon i felt no pain in my stumich all day i didnt feel light headed or anything! The tough part is the cravings its my first day and when i got home i was craving ice cream i went down stairs and started eating untill i realized what i was doing. i didnt stop however and now im in denial the day was going so well and i flushed it down the toilet in a second guess ill try again tomorrow!
brookiey brookiey
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2011

kiddd im 15 and i was 180lb .....starving urself is good to loose weight if u have all ur nutrients u need for a day a freshman in high skool ....after i saw all my friends hu wit girls and ****....i flipped out ....i starved myself for a month worked out everyday and then after my workout i had a rice cake with peanut 140lb now and looking amazing ..... trust me u need to do wat u got to do for urself ...**** everyone else do this for u.

Here's the thing im such a picky eater i only eat what is yummy (ex.. ice cream, chips, choclate anything unhealthy) i hate the taste of some things!

the best way to lose weight is exercising. i recommend taking daily jogs with your friends. not only does it have health benefits, but also can be fun. you can jog by yourself if no one cares to join.. it also gives you make you energetic for being active.. just think about it for a second, starving yourself vs exercising.. what is the better choice, the healthy way to lose weight or the unhealthy way?