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eversince i've been depressed (over 2months) i have hated my body but i comfort ate then felt guilty, so i cut myself to sort of punish myself. I wanted to stop the cutting because the scars are hard to hide, so i just stoped eating between meals and i didnt eat lunch, that was a few weeks back. But now its got better i only eat my dinner, i skip breakfast and lunch an don't eat anything else. I feel i have more control now and ive started walking for an hour everyday and doin sit ups here and there i feel better for it. I don't like the feelings of being full and rather have an empty stomach.


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Look, I've lost over fifty pounds doing this for the past few (3) months and am STILL going strong. It would have taken me upwards of a year to do what I did in around 90 days and I'm not done yet.

I either fast (starve) or purge whatever I eat and I'm getting into the shape I want to be in and the body I deserve. I don't recommend this for anyone else but being an 21yr old woman I have every right to do what I like with my body and there was no way I was going to wait 1-2 or more years to get thin when my youth was wasting away being fat.

The solution to that is to eat smaller meals in increased intervals during the day. You won't feel like a stuffed turkey but your body's needs will be taken care of. This is a healthier way to lose weight and have control over your body by also increasing your metabolism and ensuring your health.

Empty is amazing

I hate the feeling of a full stomach, too. For some reason, feeling empty feels better, there's the sense of control that comes with it.

does this help you loose weight? because i do the same and im struggling to loose weight :(

yeah i was wondering the same thing r yuu losing weight?

Are you losing weight by doing this? I was just wondering because I know that our metabolism gets low if we skip meals.

I do the same thing! except im bulemic and i cut myself to punish myself for the bulemia.