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i'm writing because i am very confused about starving myself. i used to be bulimic but not for a long time now and i feel like i'm gaining weight. i've only thrown up once yesterday because i had two slices of pizza at work so i went into the employee bathroom and puked. i've done it now for about a week or more i guess i lost track. well i went to visit my mom and my sister they said i look a lot skinnier i like skinny i weigh 150 i have prolly lost more weight i was 160 its been about two days since i weighed myself. but i wake up with headaches and i always feel like throwing up when its time to go to sleep or in the mornings. i want to be skinny everyone loves skinny i don't want to be bones no just a size five and i'll be satisfied. i have this sister who has like the perfect body barbie doll i swear and she always says i'm fat and i really don't think i'm real fat but i am tall that could be why i way so much, ok well i'm not that tall but taller than your average girl. . . i have a boyfriend and he loves me and we are pretty muched married we have our own apartment and have been together a long time. . . he always tells me i'm sexy and so on and so forth but i want to feel sexier and i think that would be skinnier. . . and even though i have a boyfriend i always want attention from other guys like so i know i look good . .. my sister is only 14 but she looks 18 and a lot of guys love her body and she gets all the attention. . . and she steals all the guys i like maybe thats why i'm doing this to myself i think its just i hate myself . . . i always push my boyfriend away and i tell myself he don't love me and i should just leave him but i think its all in my head. .. ne way does ne one have ne good starve yourself helpful tips??

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if you really need to puke put a toothbrush to the back of ur throat and hold it there after the third or forth gag everything will come up. Also if you start feeling rlly hungry and faint eat a piece of cheese it will give you a little bit more energy also set a goal if you barely eat during the day set a time like 6 and if u can make it that far reward ur self with a low calorie healthy fat like a stick of celery!

You ate TWO slices of pizza? Id make myself puke too. Girl quit eating crap that makes you fat and sick. I ONLY eat plant based foods and legumes. Make a huge salad with purple, curly kale, avocado, tonato, sweet onion, mushroom, dress w olive oil, lemon juice and tiny splash of apple cider vinager. Quit eating animals, doing that will only get you sick and make you age quicker. Quit shoping at conventional grocery stores like Safeway, Vons, Wallmart, Smiths. Everything, every food item sold there is not real food. Its so over processed the human body doesnt even recognize it as susstinence

I am here for you if you ever need anything

You might have made yourself sick a few times but unless your mentally determined you cant physicaly starve yourself. I was 13 when i first found out about my eating disorder. I just was sick a lot of the times more than once after every meal and used to hide food in my room all the time. But i got help and managed to stop doing this but when i was 14 i just stopped eating and i didnt do it just because i wanted to be thin because if you try to do it just because of that it doesn't work. My advice is if you really want to lose weight just eat about 200 calories a day but before you eat have 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar. And when your eating keep stopping and having water, when you drink it chew as if it was food. That should make you feel full so much quicker.

Joli2 that is great advice! Thank you for sharing! If you have more tips please share them too!

yeah, when I was starving myself, hardcore, I was living off of hot liquids. It keeps your stomach from growling, because there is something there. And, if you chew while you sip (easier with a spoon), you trick your brain and body into thinking you've eaten. And, you will feel full for a while.<br />
I am addicted to the feelings I have when I starve. I want to do it again so badly...

you should be hating your sister. what a b*tch to say that to you! I would smack her!<br />
and give a crisco IV drip when she's sleeping!

There is no way that starving yourself will get you the results you want. It just won't bring you sexiness, nor happiness, nor security. There are much better methods of getting those things. Begin by working on your innerself - your self esteem and your confidence, and your physical body and attractiveness will follow. And let me tell you a secret about what guys find attractive. It is not skinniness - it is confidence and personality. People want to be around someone who makes them feel good. Very few men are attracted to the sack of skin and bones in the corner who has no energy, self-esteem nor self-worth. What's more if you have no self-worth, noone else will value you either. Start from the inside, the rest will follow :)