Thin Means Pretty :(

Thin must mean pretty but im not thin. Where to begin? I'm only 5'5" but im at 236.5lbs. No one wants to be my friend, no one likes to look at me. No one wants to date me. No one, no one wants to love me my hair makes me look like a witch, says my mom, you need to loose weight if you want to do anything in your life, says my dad, you should care more about how you look, says my friends you should weigh less, says the world. Its very hard. I cut myself now i never used to do that. I don't like my life. I feel that if i was skinny I would be happier or have more friends maybe my mom and dad would love me and not tell me to leave there house every day I don't care how ugly some one is if they're skinny, i want to be them no matter what. I'm going to stave myself all day tomorrow and i hope i can do it really i just need support right now please because i don't have friends or family that will give me any support so I have to ask you a complete stranger to give me strength and support so thank you for even listening to me I love all you girls out there for it thank you.
rebeccalynn16 rebeccalynn16
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Girl! You are beautiful!!! You don`t need a man to make you feel good about yourself.
I can`t say much though cause I struggle with this everyday. but. I know you are strong enough. I mean, if you are unhappy with a certain part of yourself you can fix. Do it. If it can make you happy, go for it. Just do it the healthy way..<3
stay strong.<3.