Any Tips?

I've had such a low self asteem for a long time now, my hips & stomach are fat & I hate it. I've tried starving myself, but then I binge. Does anyone have any tips to make this a little easier? I want to lose weight & lose it fast. I hate feeling like this. Please, let me know any helpful suggestions
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I feel like this too, I always binge after like 3 days and then I feel like a big ball of Crap and I hate it , I say drink lots of water, if you want to starve yourself then do things to occupy your time, turn up your music and tune everyone out if you have too. im not going to say starving yourself is bad and blah blah, because I do it but when you feel like you need to eat or want to get an apple and if you feel like binging stop yourself and remind yourself why your doing this, im not a therapist lol just a teen going through the same crap :(

Thanks! I just hate bingeing! I feel so disgusting! But deffiantly will use these tips!

Before i answer this, i want you to try and remind yourself you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are anything like me, that comment would totally **** you off... but i had to say it. I dont like to encourage ppl to do the things i do because i HATE IT. Its horrible to live like me. But if you are going to do it, i might as well give you some tips so you dont suffer too much. This process at times can be painful, but euphoric at the same time. So my tip is DONT STARVE YOURSELF! Limit your diet. Start off limiting your diet to 800 cals per day for about a week, and slowly decrease until you get to 300 cals. DONT GO UNDER 300 CALS! Because its unneccesary. Okay and a big rule is never binge. Just eat celery or something with minimal cals or drink tons of water. Flavored lipgloss helps SO MUCH! I know somehow it is impossible to resost the urge to binge, so make a plan before hand. The things i do is either excersize triple the calorie intake of what i ate, or purge. You dont have to stop everything you are doing to excersize, but just incoorporate things into your daily routine. Like when you are standing in place, go up and down on your tippy toes. Or when you are folding or handing up clothes, move as much as possible. So no, dont take one trip. Put your clothes on the floor, and bend down and pick up each shirt individually and put it away. I hate throwing up, the taste is nasty plus it is difficult for me to make myself throw up. I rarely throw up, but sometimes excersizing isnt enough for me. The easiest way for me to throw up is to do it in the shower. The water running down my face is somewhat soothing, and plus no one can hear me choke. Also when you are sitting in the shower with your fingers down your throat, you can see your naked body and remind yourself of what you want to look like. I use two fingers and shove them back as far as possible. It takes some time, so dont rush. Dont purge too often! It causes too many health problems. Let it be a last resort. Diet pills help. They say to take them with food, but you dont need to. Take thwm with water so you will lose weight faster. Oh and another thing, let your biggest meal be lunch so you can excersize it off. Dont eat too much at dinner. Never. Again i dont recommend you doing this to yourself. I cry because i have these horrible habbits, but i understand how frustrating it is to see yourself in the mirror, and be disgusted. I wish you the best of luck with your perception of what you look like. You are beautiful. Everyone is. Ijust have problems, and i hope you can overcome this and not get trapt into this vicious cycle of not eating. I hate myself because i eat, and because i dont eat. I would suggest going to therapy, but its difficult to talk about. I go to therapy for my depression and anxiety, but my parents and primary care doctor told my parents that i mightbe anorexic, so now my therapist is checking. I dont have anorexia... ijust dont eat as much as everyone else. God this is so confusing! If you ever need someone to talk to, email me. Evitabelieve @ gmail . Com

Thank you, so much! & yes, I hate when people say "oh your just fine, your beautiful" it's no help if I don't think it's true! But you seriously gave me soo many new helpful ideas and tips! & I know it's not good to do, but I just HATE my body & want to lose the weight fast! But I always binge & I hate it. I actually think I'm addicted to food, but no one will take me serious :/ but like I said thanks so much, you were a lot of help!

Omfg I'm like that every single day. Where to start..?
Drink big glasses of water. 8 glasses of ice water burns 300 calories a day! Look at thinspo every day, make a thinspo book! Eat slowly and finish last so no one will know what you didn't eat! Get an ana buddy, I suggest, it's awesome, you can add people, it's a calorie counter and iPod app. Work out to make up for the calories. Try and stay cold, shivering burns calories. !

Thank you! No one understands unless their going through it themselves! I just even looking in the mirror anymore, I hate the way my clothes fit & I just want to lose weight! But I will deffiantly try these things! Thanks again!