Great Tip

Ok I always end up purging cause my parents basically make food 24/7, Recently my mom bought some plastic food bins, also for dinner my parents let me go to my room to eat. SO I FINALLY GOT A SOLUTION!!!!
When you go upstairs put the food into the sealed plastic food bin and hide it. (But not to the point where it gets all gross and moldy ew) when everyones asleep or gone throw it away or if your parents have a large quanity of leftovers empty it there. So it wont be noticed. perfect plan.

Also drink large amounts of water and eat a small meal from time to time so you wont black out or something scary like that. It makes you go on longer.
If you are ready to binge just do something distracting. I hope this helps. :)
AnnaSavvy AnnaSavvy
13-15, F
Nov 30, 2012