Starving For Fame

I have done this before when I started highschool and I was this overweight ugly pig. I use to get made fun of and humiliated. I decided to join a volleyball team and work out with my Aunt while only swallowing diet pills, half a veggie sandwich, and tons of water. I was so happy when I went from a size 20 all the way down to a 10 and that made me very happy.

Years later I got lazy and put on so much weight that Im now over 300 pounds and I am so ashamed. I started today strong with nothing to eat. I feel very good about it. I will only be buying veggies and water to eat and thats about it. I also will be working out a ton so wish me luck
Bellavoce Bellavoce
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I used to diet this way and workout a little. Now I am trying to put on muscle and lose weight I gained back and the result is that it's much harder. Your weight alone should cause you to lose weight pretty quickly even if you eat healthy. You just have to get your mind in the game and prepare to spend an hour working out in whatever way is plausible for you. You need to eat healthy and not over or under eat.
Last time I crashed dieted I lost 4lbs a week and that was great. Now, I am not able to lose so quickly even though I'm working out a lot more.
So, get your body healthy and will readjust and things will get better. Repeatedly starving will only make things go quickly short term and much more difficult and depressing in the long term. If you want we can be friends on Fitnesspals. Just send me a message on here.