Fat To Average, Back To Fat

So like I used to weigh 308 pounds freaking gross right ? and like I started exercising and then like the weight wasn't coming off fast enough , then I went into a depression sort of mind and I started cutting myself and binging & like purging and then I thought " Hey , why don't I just not eat at all" so I didn't and I lost like 25 pounds in like a week and like I loved it so my weight just started melting off ! I was feeling good then I started exercising and I looked great, I fainted a few times and blacked out but who cares I looked good, I then got down to 127 at the end of 6 months. I was so happy with myself and the compliments I was getting, then over summer I gained 15 pounds but I didn't eat for like a week and it came right off. Now im at a point where I gained 20 pounds and look disgusting, im fat and ugly and im trying to starve myself but its so hard this time so now I binge and then like throw it up and im back to cutting myself and I feel like crap. I just need motivation but the first two days are so freaking hard. but like I look gross so enough is enough and im going back to starving myself, so wish me luck
AyaKeiako AyaKeiako
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I really wanna know your diet plan. To lose over 100pds would be a miracle for me...
You should message me .-. plz