In Need Of Serious Help

If anyone has checked out my last post, you see I like have an issue and I need help, I need to continue to starve myself but these first two days are hard, any tips, anyone going through the same crap ? like seriously help
AyaKeiako AyaKeiako
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 11, 2012

i starve myself too i no how it is and when i was ur age i cut myself

Okay hun I'm starting tomorrow to starve myself! If u feel hungry eat gum or go for a walk and wen u come bak u would have forgotten about the food! Go out and listen to music and just relax! When u see the food say to urself °̩ don't need this! Your not pretty unless u skinny! Keep those words in mind and drink alot of water u will feel full all the time :)

yea if u chew gum all the time ur body gets tricked into thinking tht u ate or get sugar free candy and chew on tht cut an apple in 8 slices and eat 2 4 times a day and it tricks ur body into thinking tht u ate 4 meals a day

I starved myself for 4 days. After a day and a half, my hunger went away as if nothing happened. On the 4th when I resumed, my stomach hurt horribly when I did eat light things. Sadley I enjoyed starving myself, and I felt like I was doing something right. Obviously I'm not, but I will resume doing it again the next time I have a depressive episode. At least I know I will even though I tryed to stop.

I am going through the same thing.