I dont want to be fat anymore. I've gained 80lbs in 2yrs and its disgusting.i hate myself for it. I need a friend to help me with this. Comment please.
Sadeloveee Sadeloveee
18-21, F
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I'm here to talk if you need someone, don't starve yourself.. ive been doing it by accident for a few months now.. it sucks.. don't do it girl.

If you need help, message me. [:

It's a common feeling, to not like something about yourself. But you can find ways to improve - healthy ways.

Hi sadelLoveee, I'm here if you ever want to talk. I went through that kinda stuff too and became anorexic for it, and still fighting everyday against it. Just one thing, don't stop eating. Because once you start, its difficult to stop. maybe try to see if you can see a nutritionist, I know that could help... And talk about what you really feel like inside to your parents or preople you're close to... Anyways, just know that i'm always here if you need someone to spill everyhting to. Stay strong xxx Xxxilaxx

Ive gotten that checked coincidentally already&everything is normal.

Why dont you get a thyroidal checkup for the harmonal imbalance in your body...will positively help you to reduce weight