I am sick of being fat. Whenever I feel I eat too much, I feel terrible about myself. I lost over 40 pounds since last March (I've been on break from weight loss since the end of August). I am going to lose at least ten more during winter break. Last summer, I was very strict with myself, which is how I lost most of my weight. I've been eating a lot more than usual, and it scares me, especially since I plan to lose weight this month. I also will probably keep it up if I can during college.

I cannot put up with myself, anymore, if I remain fat. I was bullied throughout my entire life for my weight, so when I was in eighth grade I decide to eat less than 1000 calories (usually 600-750). That's what I did this time, too. I remember when I lost over twenty pounds before prom that I heard someone talking to their friend about how I was fat. I just want to prove them all wrong. 

I also remember during band practice that we had snacks and drinks. I ran toward the cart that had them but only because I was terribly thirsty. This obnoxious kid made a rude remark about it, so I just had my drink, even though I was a bit hungry.

When I am dieting, I love the feeling of hunger. It drives me to continue going hungry. 
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I really wish you wouldn't worry so much about your weight :( :( :(

Whoa there it not the end. I went from a six pack to 315 lbs and back to six pack. It can be done. It will drive you crazy. When I obsessed about weight loss I would fail. When I chilled out a little and realized it was a time investment I had much better results. That is my experience anyway. Also remember nobody cares as much as you. They may make fun of you but they are just being straight out of line most people would agree. My wife married me at my physical worst. Yes at 315. She is beautiful, and we have beautiful children. Hang in there

Hows your progress?

Well I think you are beautiful just the way you are._

I started taking pills to reduce my appetite i havnt eating in 5 days and i feel sick but everything else ive tried hasnt worked..