I'm 14 And I Starve Myself

Iam 14 and I weigh 92kg this is not normal. I've always wanted to lose weight and I belive that starving will help I've been doing it for a week now, but I'm only going to do it until I get to about 54kg so I guess it's not that bad :/

Also I'm very lazy and I've sort of become more active now but I will not go out for a walk because I'm scared of people seeing me or my body so I would just exercise around the house like walk around everywhere um also I want to get an exercising bike.

Please help and tell me wether or not starving myself is the rite way to lose weight I just want to prove everyone wrong that I can be beautiful and wear a bikini and get a boyfriend please help xx thank you for taking the time to read
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no starving ur self isnt the answer its dangerous and it gets outta control really fast ive been anorexic since i was 9 and im 18 now ive had tubes and i almost died i had heart kidney failure, i dont have my periods anymore so i cant have babies and im very underweigh aftr awhilwe it gets old tht little voice inside ur head tells u all the time tht ur not good enough and u struggle all the time u cant have a normal day because every single moment of every day u think about how to avoid food and make up excuses to go to the bathroom and its just its not fun if u want to lose weight just drink about 2 glasses of water b4 every meal and eat at least 2 fruits a day, you dont have to eat alot at supper just take about to 1 scoop of everything not even tht just enough to sustain u thts all u have to do

Hey there :)
I'm Mercy. 19 years old. I weigh 54kg. A bit plump, but that's okay.
Think of me like a big sister, okay?

I understand your feeling.. I weigh 45kg when I'm at your age, doing all sort of things girls want to do, cheerleading, softball, and such. As soon as I reach 17 and are out of highschool, I stopped being active and I did nothing at home but eat and not exercise. The result? I gained 11kg ( from 50+ to 63 kg). When I received a letter from the university informing me of my acceptance, I freaked. I don't know what to do. How to lose weight in 2 months???

Here's exactly what I did. I ate nothing but oats and rice porridge, with occasional fruits as snacks. I cycle everywhere and I also start jogging again. Seriously. IT WORKED.

Don't starve yourself, okay, darling? It isn't the right thing to do. Eat less, and choose your food wisely. Count your calories if you can. Exercise, even if it's a little.The key is DETERMINATION.

Sending you love xx

It's not the right way...I used to be anorexic and felt like dying all the time.I haven't managed to become happy and just myself after anorexia ( I stopped starving myself 2 years ago).I think you should tell your mother about what's going on or to go to the doctor and ask for some advice.