I Really Want To Successfully Starve Myself

Everyone tells me I look Fine
BUT when I look at myself at the mirror I want to lose weight so bad!!! and its winter now and I cant hardly exercise and my gym membership got revoke because my parents with the budget cuts and economy and plus I have no job but looking for one!
I weight 220 and Up the last I check was that weight and it has been over six months and I KNOW I gained!!!
So if anyone have some pointers help me and motivate me and texters are very welcome (We can exchange #s by inbox)
ExtinctxBody ExtinctxBody
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

I hate it when people say I look "fine" I know I'm fat don't lie! I know how you feel. Lots of water is my only tip. I have never been good at restricting. I'm trying.

Welcome thanks ((: